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What are the program options and schedules for each age group?


  • Tuesday and Thursday mornings, 8:45–11:30 am
  • Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings, 8:45–11:30 am
  • Monday through Thursday afternoons, 12:30–2:30 pm
  • Monday through Friday mornings, 8:45–11:30 am


  • Monday through Friday mornings, 8:30–11:30 am
  • Monday through Friday afternoons, 12:30–3:30 pm
  • Monday through Friday full days, 8:30–2:30 pm


  • Monday through Friday full days, 8:30 am–2:30 pm

How many students/teachers are in each class?

  • 2s classes: 10-12 students with two teachers

  • 3s classes: 15 students with two teachers
  • Pre-Kindergarten classes: 15-18 students with two or three teachers

How does Dwight Preschool handle the separation process?

In the 2s, the separation process begins with the teachers visiting each of their students at home prior to the start of school. Once school begins, separation happens gradually during a phase-in period. Preschool 3s and Pre-Kindergarten classes also follow a phase-in schedule for the first week of school.

How does the school communicate with parents?

At pick-up each day, teachers post notes outside the classroom describing the highlights of the day. Weekly, teachers send the “Friday Fives” email, which contains detailed descriptions and photos of their week. Teachers compile a portfolio of student work, anecdotal records, photos, and teacher notes to send home with students at the end of each of their 2s, 3s, and Pre-Kindergarten years. Formal parent-teacher conferences are scheduled twice per year. Emails, phone calls, or additional parent-teacher meetings occur as needed. Dwight Preschool administration has an “open-door” policy.

Does Dwight Preschool have a potty-training policy?

Dwight Preschool does not require 2s students to be potty-trained. Our preschool teachers change their students’ diapers, as the school firmly believes that meeting this very basic need helps each child develop a trusting relationship with his or her teacher. Teachers assist children in the bathroom while they are working towards being full potty-trained.

Are lunches and/or snacks provided?

A daily snack is provided for all preschool students. A catered lunch is provided for all full-day students. Students eat lunch in their classrooms with their teachers.

What foreign languages are offered?

Spanish classes begin in the 2s and Mandarin classes begin in Pre-Kindergarten. Additional language classes (e.g., French and Russian) are offered as part of the Jr. Passport after-school program.

How is physical activity incorporated into the day?

Preschool 2s classes have gym time scheduled every school day. Preschool 3s and Pre-Kindergarten classes spend time outdoors each day, weather permitting, in the Little Engine playground. Preschool 3s and Pre-Kindergarten classes also have structured P.E. classes twice a week.

What special classes are included in the students’ daily schedule?

  • 2s classes: Spanish, Music, and Library once a week
  • 3s classes: Music, Library, and Studio (Arts and Science) once a week; P.E. and Spanish twice a week
  • Pre-Kindergarten classes: Music, Library, and Studio once a week; P.E., Spanish, and Mandarin twice a week

What activities are available before/after school? What are the hours?

Early drop-off is available for families of 3s and Pre-Kindergarten students who need flexibility in their morning schedules. Drop off occurs between 8-8:20 am.

Jr. Passport after-school classes are offered to students (ages 3+) throughout the school year. A variety of activities are available, including art, music, sports, dance, foreign language, and cooking classes. Forty-five minute classes begin at either 2:45 or 3:45 pm. For more information about our Jr. Passport Program, please look in the After-School & Extended Day section of our website.

Additionally, an Extended Day Program is available for all students enrolled in full-day classes. Extended day is available until 5:30 pm, Monday through Friday. Click here for more information about Extended Day.

What parent volunteer opportunities exist?

Dwight’s Preschool & Kindergarten is fortunate to have an active and involved parent community. The Parents Association (PA) plans school-wide events to bring our community together, like our Fall Festival and Spirit Day. Parent volunteers play an important role in the planning and execution of these events. Parents are also encouraged to volunteer for PA-sponsored community service projects. For more information about our PA, please visit the PA section of our website here.

Within the classroom, numerous opportunities exist for parents to visit, share, cook, present, read, etc. Teachers welcome suggestions for parent involvement and often request parent participation in specific classroom activities.

Where do Dwight preschool students attend kindergarten?

Pre-Kindergarten students who are ready for kindergarten and who meet the September 1 birthday cutoff are offered re-enrollment into Dwight kindergarten. No application, testing, or interview is necessary for these students.

Families who wish to explore other options for kindergarten are supported throughout the admissions process by our experienced placement team, led by Alicia Janiak, Associate Head of Dwight’s Preschool & Kindergarten. For a list of recent kindergarten placement results, please click here.