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“My son started at Dwight in Preschool, and the program has exceeded my expectations. The focus is perfectly balanced between academic and social/emotional development and his teachers are superb.
My son loves going to school every day and his educational
growth is a delight to see!”

- Kathleen, Mom of Winston, Preschool



Children in our Pre-K Program are enthusiastic learners. They are encouraged to ask focused questions and explore varied ways of learning. Themes and units of inquiry, based on student questions, build upon children’s interests and learning and expand their horizons. See our Preschool application process and apply today.

Apply to Pre-K 

Age: Children who turn four years old prior to September 1 of the academic year
Class size: Typical size is 18 students with two to three teachers
Curriculum: First year of the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program
Languages: Spanish and Mandarin, additional languages available for a fee in after-school programs
Schedule: Monday through Friday, 8:30 am–2:30 pm; early-drop off, extended day, and extensive after-school activities are available

Transitioning to School

Before school begins, we offer classroom visits for all students entering our Preschool Program. This allows children to meet their new teachers in their classroom environment. The school year begins with a gradual separation and a “phase-in schedule,” working up to a full session by the second week of school.

A Day in the Life

Daily activities for Preschool classes include choice time/free play, small group work, circle time, outdoor play, snack/story time, lunch, and rest. Preschool students also enjoy weekly visits from their music, Spanish, and Mandarin specialists, as well as scheduled gym, library, and studio (arts and science) time.


Peek Inside the Classroom

You may find our Preschool students:

  • Sharing and listening to each others' stories and ideas during morning meeting
  • Composing a group letter to an author whose books we have enjoyed and to share our own stories inspired by his work
  • Watching a classmate's parent, a sculptor, demonstrate how she crates her pieces, and experimenting with our own creative sculptures
  • Creating squares for a Caring Community Quilt, which highlights ways to ensure a supportive and compassionate school community
  • Guiding their own learning experiences through open-ended play and exploration: collaborating on large-scale block structures, creating art work, or playing different roles in dramatic play

Explore the Curriculum

Curriculum Guide 

Dwight’s preschool classes follow the IB Primary Years Program. Children of this age are enthusiastic learners. They ask focused questions and make demands of the world around them. This curiosity is fostered as a central tenet of inquiry in the PYP curriculum. Themes and Units of Inquiry, based on student questions, build upon children’s interests and learning and expand their horizons.

Lively and imaginative four­year­olds tackle new tasks and adventures with delight. Socially, they are more mature and form strong friendships. They are able to relate to their peers and show empathy and understanding. Sometimes children of this age fluctuate from needing reassurance and security to asserting bold independence.

Teachers work hard to provide a warm and loving environment where individual strengths are nurtured and children feel valued ― and value each other.

Preschool are articulate and approach new vocabulary with enthusiasm. In class, children are encouraged to express themselves verbally as well as through pictures and drawings. Many children develop a natural curiosity for reading and writing. A language-­rich classroom provides many opportunities for children to explore and develop these emergent skills. They have access to various writing instruments: crayons, markers, pens, pencils, chalkboards, a variety of papers, notepads, and notebooks. Children are able to see many examples of written text through books, poems, and child-­authored stories. The acquisition of listening skills is also paramount and children are exposed to a range of early literacy experiences.

Dwight preschool students begin the IB Primary Years curriculum and can explain what it means to be a thinker, a communicator, and a risk taker, among others, and demonstrate examples of these attributes in their interactions with their teachers and peers.

What’s Next?

Dwight's Kindergarten program or Kindergarten Placement support


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Director of Preschool
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Director Preschool Admissions
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