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Preschool 2s

"Our son's first year of school was everything we could have hoped for and more. He couldn't possibly have had a better start to his education, nor a better foundation for approaching school with an enthusiastic and excited mindset. We're just thrilled with his teachers and his experience."

- Hugo and Senka, Parents to Lazar, 2s Program


The warm and nurturing environment of our Preschool 2s Program provides the ideal first classroom experience. During these early preschool years, children experience huge intellectual, social, and emotional changes that enable them to explore and understand their world. It is a very exciting time for parents and children. Check out our preschool 2s application process and apply today.

Age: Children who turn two years old prior to September 1 of the academic year
Class size: Our 2s classes are grouped closely by age and are comprised of 8-12 students with two teachers
Curriculum: Modified version of the first year of the International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Program

Select from several program options:

  • Tuesday and Thursday mornings, 8:30–12:00 pm
  • Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings, 8:30–12:00 pm
  • Monday through Friday mornings, 8:30–12:00 pm
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The Separation Process

We recognize that for young children, separation can be an anxious and difficult time. We offer home visits for all those entering the 2s Program, so that your child can meet and develop a rapport with his/her new teachers in familiar surroundings. So, too, can you discuss any issues or concerns during the visit. The school year begins with a gradual separation and a “phase-in schedule,” working up to a full session over the course of a few weeks.

A Day in the Life

Our 2s are quite busy while they are at school! Daily activities include choice time/free play, circle time, and snack/story time. The 2s also enjoy weekly visits from their music and Spanish specialists, as well as daily gym time and weekly library time.

Peek Inside the Classroom

You might find our 2s Program students:

  • Experiencing first-hand the metamorphosis of a live caterpillar as it transforms into a Painted Lady butterfly
  • Recognizing our names in print while playing a matching game
  • Sharing our family photos with classmates and talking about what we like to do with our families
  • Playing a subtraction game by counting the number of pretzels at snack time as we eat them one by one
  • Working together as a team to create a giant classroom mural from various art materials
  • Learning about new instruments from around the world and playing them together as a band
  • Developing body control and spatial awareness while following auditory direction during a game of freeze dance

Explore the Curriculum

Although the 2s are not yet fully immersed in the Primary Years Program, students are introduced to the five essential elements of the curriculum in preparation for their education experience here at Dwight. In these early years, children experience huge intellectual, social, and emotional growth that will enable them to explore and better understand their world. It is a very exciting time for you and your child.

Two key features of development at this stage are socialization and language. Two­-year-­olds express a wide range of emotions and demonstrate a growing desire to assert their independence. Favorite words are often “no,” “mine,” and, “I do it!” They play alongside rather than with their peers, but enjoy imitating the actions of adults and playmates alike. They use simple make-believe and have a growing sense of humor. Young children have an attachment to their caregivers and need a basis of support and trust. Through a sensitive separation from parents and caregivers, they make the transition from home to a warm, caring school and classroom environment. The aim is for these young learners to grow in confidence and begin to fully engage in the learning centers of the classroom.

Key knowledge and concepts (such as colors, counting, matching, and opposites) are explored through simple themes. Teachers guide children to develop and use their growing language skills in all aspects of school life. They experience the richness of language through books, rhymes, and songs from a variety of cultures and genres.

Foreign Language


The 2s Spanish program is full of linguistic and cultural fun. Children are engaged in musical, physical, and artistic activities conducted in a Spanish immersion environment. Vocabulary and basic comprehension are introduced through a variety of materials, songs, storybooks, dances, and games. Children are delighted hearing classic English stories translated into Spanish, as well as children’s favorites from Hispanic cultures around the world.


Music in the 2s classroom is based on an approach that develops every child’s right to achieve basic competence through a hands-­on experience of music. Students begin to develop an awareness of how to sing in tune, keep a beat, and participate with confidence. Throughout the year, students are exposed to different languages and styles of music through play. Each student’s natural creativity and personal ideas are supported by improvising with instruments and allowing them to respond through movement.

Physical Education and Motor Development

Two­-year­-olds love to experiment with their developing sensory­-motor skills. They enjoy running, jumping, climbing, dancing, and moving to music. Children have the opportunity to perform these activities in both the classroom and a specifically designed 2s gym. Through a variety of activities, children learn to manipulate small objects, use a number of different writing and mark­-making tools, use Play-Doh and both small and large construction materials. They are encouraged to express themselves through art and music and experiment with sand and water play.

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