Junior Passport and Riverside Club House

A variety of classes are offered in the Junior Passport after-school program. As classes run on a trimester schedule, children can explore multiple activities within the course of the school year. Classes are held on the Riverside Campus from 2:45 - 3:30 pm, and periodically, from 3:45-4:30 pm.

The Riverside Club House program extends the day until 5:30 pm for students in the Little Lions Program, Full-day 3s, Pre-K, and Kindergarten. The Club House Program provides a place to enjoy open play with friends, snack and story, and gym time. Children 3 years old and up have the opportunity to join Junior Passport after-school activities run by our team of enrichment specialists.

For questions regarding the Junior Passport or Club House Program, please email Shalini Trehan at strehan@dwight.edu or Linda Fussell at lfussell@dwight.edu. Please email ecdextendedday@dwight.edu by 1 pm of the day requested if you would like your child to attend. You will receive a confirmation from a member of our team.


Sample Activities

Authors and Illustrators

Join our very own Ms. Brianna Hayden in a creative literary experience revolving around classic and modern children’s books. Children will explore various genres such as comedy, mystery, science fiction, non-fiction, and more. They’ll learn how authors create story ideas and email several authors with their burning questions. Students will explore the illustration process through YouTube videos and discover how artists create art to match a storyline. The final product will be students’ own illustrated books. This class is sure to inspire and excite our budding authors and illustrators!

Basketball Stars of NY

Basketball Stars of NY stands out as the premier teaching program in New York by building character with positive reinforcement through teaching fundamental basketball skills in an environment with an overwhelming coach to athlete ratio. Emphasis is placed on skill improvement, teamwork, sportsmanship, communication, and accountability for all participants. Quality coaching and programming form the foundation of Basketball Stars of NY.

Beading and Jewelry Crafting

Learning to make your own jewelry is both fun and rewarding! It is the perfect craft for any age because it can be as simple or as challenging as you want your design to be. In this class, the students will learn about the most common beading supplies and tools, including many recycled materials that you can find in nature or even in your own home! Some examples of the beads we will be working with are: wooden, clay, plastic, metal, and fabric. Although necklaces and bracelets will be some of our favorite creations, the students will also experiment with making keychains, bookmarks, and much more!


The pros at DramaZone teach the ultimate class in children’s improvisational theater. Improv is live theater where the plot, characters, and dialogue are made up in the moment--and usually based off of the suggestions of the audience! This class is aimed at developing quick thinking while improving speech, diction, and confidence. Children play theater games to develop their imagination and creativity--a surefire way to boost speaking skills and confidence. All games are positive in nature and promote team-building and collaboration. The session will end with an Improv event for all parents! Come join the new Dwight Improv Team!

Little Yogis Yoga

Our little yogis will learn the foundations of yoga and its language through the healthy, lifelong practice of yoga in a noncompetitive, physically appropriate, and fun space! The program aims to help children develop their attention, posture, flexibility, coordination, and self-confidence. Children will learn to focus, stand up straight, and move their limbs with control and grace. Namaste!


Start your child on the path to a full life of music! This course for young beginners captures the child’s playful spirit. Taught by the magical Ms. Myers, your child will be introduced to directional pre-reading, elementary music theory, and technique with engaging songs, games, and creative discovery at the keyboard. Your child will enjoy the multicultural “friends at the piano,” who introduce white-key names, basic rhythms, and a variety of songs, which span classical, folk, and blues. Your child will also learn ear training and eye training throughout this course. Private piano teacher, musical director, and accompanist, Ms. Myers, hails from Vanderbilt University, Blair School of Music.


Our little sculptors create three-dimensional objects d’art by learning how to shape and combine materials. Students enjoy working materials by removal (such as carving) or assembling by using glue. Our artists, guided by Ms. Mitchell, a studio art major, will be forming, collaging, and gluing using clay, dough, wood, soap, paper, tape, beans, foam, and stone in this wonderfully creative class. Happy sculpting!


Our very own Ms. Carpio shows us how to have fun with language! In this Spanish class, students will engage in interactive hands-on activities, games, and child-centric lessons. Ms. Carpio will engage and nurture children’s innate capacity to absorb language through a progressive series of exciting lessons that are organized around various themes. Children will sing and dance, as they learn a language through verbal, visual, and tactile associations. Se habla espanol!

Super Soccer Stars

Get the ball rolling with Super Soccer Stars, as they bring their popular soccer-skills program to Dwight! Positive, dynamic coaches work with our students to teach the basic skills needed to play soccer and stay fit. The goal of the program is to build confidence and teamwork in a fun, non-competitive, and educational environment.

Tap and Budding Ballerinas

Jump, bend, and twirl in this spirited tap and ballet class for children in 3s, 4s, and K run by DramaZone. Students will learn the basics of classical ballet and tap, which help to develop strength, flexibility, balance, rhythm, and focus as well as an appreciation for the art. Returning students will master old skills while learning new ones. Ballet and tap are the classic forms of physical and artistic expression! Dress: leotard with attached skirt and leather ballet slippers/tap shoes (tights optional).

Teddy Tennis

Teddy Tennis is an educational program that inspires children to learn the fundamentals of tennis in a fun and exciting way. It works by combining music, pictures, and teddy bear stories into a totally interactive learning adventure that your child will love. All children receive a Teddy Tennis Club Card for activity stickers, a Completion Certificate, and a Teddy Tennis T-shirt at the end of the term.

Top Level Chess

Chess is a wonderfully intriguing game with rich history and textured culture. It relies on logical thinking, spatial relations, and problem solving skills. For every child taking part in this program, Top Level Chess provides a foundation in the basics and principles of sound chess play. Founded by one of America’s top chess instructors, Shernaz Kennedy, Top Level Chess is a long-time Dwight Preschool after-school partner.


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