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Dwight’s after-school activities are an important extension of the day and reflect our dedication to igniting the spark of genius in every child. Students develop their interests and talents ― and discover new ones ― through extra-curricular programs that reinforce what they learn in the classroom, encourage skill development, and build self-esteem. Along the way, students share enriching experiences, forge friendships, and challenge themselves to grow. As part of our after-school offerings we have a drop-in program called "Club House" that is available from 3 pm to 5:30 pm daily. Club House provides students with a structured but relaxed alternative to our other after-school offerings. Students will be able to read or do homework, play with friends, draw, and enjoy board games and outside activity time on the roof. They'll also have the opportunity to join age-specific and mixed-age activities run by our skilled staff.

The range of Dwight after-school offerings is extensive, with age-appropriate choices to spark minds, bodies, and imaginations. We have three seasons: fall, winter, and spring. Programs are led by Dwight faculty or leading outside professionals. Students will have fun, learn, and cultivate their unique spark of genius.

Warm regards,

Agata Medic, Director of After-school Grades 1-12

Fiona Imboden

Fiona Imboden
Director of Extra-curricular Programs & Dwight School Athletic Center
(212) 724-6360 x 813

Agata Medic

Agata Medic
Director of After-school Grades 1-12
(212) 724-6360 x 266