Lower School

From acrobatics to fencing, and from cooking to mine craft, Dwight offers Lower School students an extensive range of after-­school classes and activities, all designed to spark minds, bodies, and imaginations.

Session length and cost: Varies by class; see program brochure for more information

Time: 3-4 pm or 4:30 pm unless otherwise stated.

Club house daily drop-in service is available and designed to extend the day until 5:30 pm, providing students with a structured but relaxed alternative to our other after-school offerings.

Location: Dwight's Main Campus or Dwight School Athletic Center

Sample Activities


Acrobatics is a high-energy class that incorporates tumbling, partner work, and flexibility. Students will learn how to use their core in order to do headstands, handstands, cartwheels, walkovers, and handsprings. Partner work will include lifts and double tricks. Students will also work on their flexibility and strength through warm-ups and stretches.

Art Spark

Art Spark Club will provide opportunities beyond the classroom to students from grades 1-12 who are passionate about art.

The club will expose students to the New York art scene, with museum and gallery field trips and visits to artists’ studios. New York artist professionals in the textiles, fine, and media arts will share their processes, critique student work, and discuss best practices of the visual arts industry. Students of all ages will collaborate and discuss their ideas in a warm, collegial, and creative atmosphere. For our first ever-pilot program we will focus on 2D artworks. The year will culminate in the students putting on an ART Show in a New York City art gallery (TBD). The Art Spark Club will meet every Tuesday from 3-4:30 pm at the North Campus art room.

Students will be selected through a BLIND AUDITION.

How to apply:

  1. Email artspark@dwight.edu with your name, age, and grade.
  2. Please attach two images (only) of an art piece as a jpg or pdf file
  3. Submit written response to the following:

  • “My vision for the Art Spark Club is...”
  • “Why do I express myself through art?”


Basketball Stars of NY provides some of the best basketball instruction and coaching in the city! All coaches are former professionals who will teach you how to play the right way while participating in games. The program is carefully constructed to teach correct shooting, defense, rebounding, and much more. Coaches from Basketball Stars include former Division I and professional basketball players. Don’t miss out on your chance to be a basketball star!

Building Everyday

As a child’s creativity grows, they require a broad palette of tools and materials to make things by themselves, in order to learn about the world that surrounds them. Construction Kids Building Everyday provides just that! Students learn how to safely use a wide range of real tools and learn how to handle different materials to build a dynamic series of projects. Included in each project are the basic tenants of STEM: planning, exploring options, making repairs, and finishing your work, while fostering self reliance, problem solving, confidence, and creativity.


Top Level Chess offer folders to each child with ongoing work sheets, and a demo Board lecture following one-on-one instruction. Kids have fun playing each other and their chess moves are supervised by our coaches. Children are drilled in recording their moves and using a chess clock, and are prepared for competition geared towards the City State and National Championships.

Co-ed Soccer

Get the ball rolling! Join Brazilian Soccer Academy for a fun and energetic soccer program right here at Dwight. Dynamic international coaches work with every student to develop skills, self-confidence, and teamwork in a fun, non-competitive environment. Positive reinforcement and a low child-to-coach ratio ensure that each child will improve his or her soccer skills and learn moves of some of the great Brazilian players like Pelé, Kaka, and Ronaldinho!

Cooking Wars

We’re turning up the heat for fall 2017. Welcome to Cooking Wars! Students will take to the kitchen where they’ll be challenged to make not one, but two, dishes in one class — one of which will always be savory. Each week, students will be given a basket of secret ingredients to incorporate into their dishes. Students will learn to work in teams, make quick decisions, and hold each other accountable as they work their culinary magic! At the end of each class they’ll face the presentation, the taste test, and the “Judges Table.” Are you up to the challenge?

The Dwight Conservatory

The Dwight Conservatory provides students in grades 1-12 with an opportunity to take individual music lessons and ensemble instruction after school. The program offers a breadth of musical styles led by a committed team of creative and highly experienced professional musicians and teachers. Students in grades 1-5 are picked up and supervised by Conservatory Coordinator, Ryan Buchanan, who acts as a liaison between parents and our teachers.

Lessons are reasonably priced and conveniently located on campus. We currently offer instrumental instruction in voice, piano, violin, viola, cello, double bass, percussion, flute, clarinet, saxophone, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, as well as music theory, music technology, and composition. For questions regarding the Dwight Conservatory Program, please contact the Head of Performing Arts, Alistair Hamilton, at ahamilton@dwight.edu.

Dwight Swim

Splish, splash! The Dwight School Athletic Center offers swim lessons for children and adults at our world-class facility (located at 2116 First Avenue) on weekdays after 3 pm and every Saturday, from 9 am-12 pm. Taught by certified and experienced swim professionals, our lessons offer something for everyone — at every level. Please contact Aquatics Director, Chiarna Morton, at cmorton@dwight.edu to schedule lessons. Click here for more information.


Duck and go! Mr. Panahi and Mr. Presti will offer this very popular game as an after-school activity. Whether you like to charge the line with an amazing throwing arm or prefer to hide and wait with the sneakiness of a chess master, a classic game of dodgeball offers fun and excitement to every style of player.

Club House

We're excited to announce the introduction of a new after-school program this fall for students in grades 1-5, called Club House. This is a daily drop-in program designed to extend the day until 5:30 pm, providing students with a structured but relaxed alternative to our other after-school offerings. Students will be able to read or do homework, play with friends, draw, and enjoy board games and outside activity time on the roof. They'll also have the opportunity to join age-specific and mixed-age activities run by our skilled staff. To sign up for Club House drop-in service, please email Agata Medic at amedic@dwight.edu or call 212-724-6360 ex. 266

Fencing with Dwight Gold Medalists

En garde! Dwight has a long legacy of excellence in the sport of fencing. We are pleased to offer a wonderful program in partnership with the Fencers Club, the oldest and one of the most prestigious training sites for fencers in the U.S. The program will introduces Dwight students to the exciting world of Olympic-style fencing. Why fence? It’s fun, great exercise, and a sport with a beauty and grace all its own. Plus, you’ll never have more fun with a sword in your hand!

Students learn footwork and tactics, and build stamina and teamwork. Students need no experience, and this program is accessible all. Equipment is provided by an elite coach from the Fencer’s club.

Gotta Sing! Gotta Dance!

This is a musical theater skills-building class that focuses on the core elements of singing, acting, and dancing. Kids learn popular songs from Broadway and one-of-a-kind songs from TADA!’s original musicals. The class includes exploration in character development using theater games, plus song and dance numbers enabling students to participate as musical theater performers. Classes begin with physical and vocal warm-ups to help students focus and prepare. The last class culminates in a final showcase of high-quality performances of the song and dance skills learned in class. TADA! provides two professional teaching artists: a music director and director/choreographer.

Go With the Flow

Whether you've got a bendy body or feel stiff as a board, yoga and mindfulness with Mrs. Gibbons will help you relax your muscles and revitalize your spirit! During our time together we will focus on the five elements: connect, breathe, move, focus, and relax in an open-minded space. Over the course of the trimester we hope to cultivate a healthy body, quiet mind, open heart, and vibrant spirit. Come and be a warrior, not a worrier!

Mock Trials

This class will help students practice critical thinking and gain greater confidence with public speaking by assuming the roles of attorneys and witnesses in fictional criminal and civil trials. Students will become familiar with witness questioning techniques and defense and plaintiff arguments. The class will employ a variety of strategies including research, discussion, and simulation!

Super Stars Tennis

Super Stars Tennis has introduced thousands of children to the sport of tennis in the New York metropolitan area. Mighty Mites Tennis, ages 6-8, introduces junior novice players to the game of tennis by teaching grip techniques, stroke production, enhancement of motor and racquet skills, tennis etiquette, and the rules of the game. All classes are held in the Great Hall, and are taught by tennis professionals who will teach the sport of a lifetime! Mighty Mites is tailored for junior novice players to prep for the next level of our program: Super Stars. A tennis racket is required.

Wildlife Engineering

Why does a hamster hoard food in its cheeks? How does a leopard gecko survive a drought? Which types of birds can figure out how to get food out of a locked box? Every animal is "engineered" for survival and success. Students will be given the opportunity to find how the natural world shapes animal development during up-close, hands-on encounters with a variety of live animals! We will uncover the secrets to some of the most amazing animal survival strategies, learn how field biologist observe animals, examine animal bones, and create enrichment toys for some of our favorite animals! The program will culminate with each student designing and building their own unique creature out of recycled materials!




Agata Medic
After-school Programs Manager
(212) 724-6360 x 266