Middle School

From debate to anime, and from fashion design to dodgeball, Dwight offers Middle School students an extensive range of after-school classes and club choices, all designed to spark Middle School students have a wide range of after-school programs and club choices, from Mock Trials and cooking wars to yearbook and hip hop dance. All are designed to spark minds, bodies, and imaginations.

Session length: Varies by activity, see program brochure
Cost: Club participation is included in tuition; see program brochure for program fees
Time: Clubs run 3‒4 pm, and programs run from 3-4:30 pm, unless otherwise stated
Location: Dwight’s Main Campus or the Dwight School Athletic Center


Sample Clubs & Activities

Break Dancing

If your body can move then you can groove in this fun Break program from Kids on Wheels.  Get down with our awesome coaches for some basic footwork of Breaking by doing Top Rocks,  Drops, Freezes, Spins, Popping and Locking. Then move on to some power moves like the Flare and Back Spin .This program uses kid friendly, high energy music and beats.  It’s a great time!

Chamber Music

This ensemble is for experienced wind players and will be taught by specialist wind conservatory faculty. Students will learn ensemble skills and technique, and will be taught a wide range of repertoire. Students will also perform and collaborate with the Carnegie Hall Choir and Chamber Strings ensembles. Students in the Chamber Winds ensemble need to commit to Thursdays and Fridays. Placement in each ensemble will be determined by the Head of Performing Arts, Alistair Hamilton, based on experience. There is a strict attendance policy and students who miss three sessions (for any reason) will give up their place in the ensemble to another student.


We've got Dwight spirit! Bentley House’s new cheerleading after-school program is for students interested in promoting School spirit and pride, taught by our own Ms. Griner. Students will learn a variety of routines consisting of dance, cheers, stunts, and jumps. In addition, members of the program will receive a cheerleading practice uniform including a shirt and pair of shorts. This activity will take place at the Central Baptist Church (166 West 92nd Street).


Premier Chess owner, Evan Rabin ‘08, offers folders to each child with ongoing work sheets, and a demo board lecture following one-on-one instruction. Students will have fun playing against one another as their chess moves are supervised by our coaches. Students are drilled in recording their moves and using a chess clock, and are prepared for competition geared toward city, state, and national championships.

Cooking Wars

After a fun term of Baking Wars, we’re turning up the heat for fall 2017. Welcome to Cooking Wars! Students will take to the kitchen where they’ll be challenged to make not one, but two, dishes in one class — one of which will always be savory. Each week, students will be given a basket of secret ingredients to incorporate into their dishes. Students will learn to work in teams, make quick decisions, and hold each other accountable as they work their culinary magic! At the end of each class they’ll face the presentation, the taste test, and the “Judges Table.” Are you up to the challenge?

Claymation Party

Drawing from one of the most beloved forms of stop motion animation, students in this hands-on after-school class will experiment with storytelling using CLAY from The Good School! The animators will design and build sets and characters, record sound, and create short films along the way using professional grade software, DragonFrame. The finished films can be downloaded, posted, and shared, again and again.

Dwight Conservatory

The Dwight Conservatory provides students in grades 1-12 with an opportunity to take individual music lessons and ensemble instruction after school. The program offers a breadth of musical styles led by a committed team of creative and highly experienced professional musicians and teachers. Lessons are reasonably priced and conveniently located on campus. We currently offer instrumental instruction in: acoustic guitar, bass guitar, cello, clarinet, double bass, electric guitar, flute, percussion, piano, saxophone, voice, violin, and viola, as well as music theory and composition.

Fashion Statement

Calling all Dwight Fashionistas! In Fashion Statement, students will learn to design and create new fashion and prepare them for the runway. Ms. Hamilton will start by teaching students to use a sewing machine, and then move on to carrying out key skills needed to complete successful designs. Each student will get to design and create their own pieces.


New York Futsal program is aimed at enjoying this beautiful game while developing technical skills and life skills such as self-esteem, constructive communication, teamwork, emotion regulation, and consequential thinking. Students will also gain fitness through exercise and movement! This activity will take place at the Central Baptist Church (166 West 92nd Street).

Public Speaking and Debate

In this course, students develop speaking, leadership and oratory skills as well as other important skills like creativity, persuasiveness, and organization. Some of our activities include making speeches, speaking on impromptu topics,  and conducting debates. Students learn to walk and talk with assuredness and purpose, overcome jitters, and deliver speeches with confidence and animation!

Rock Band

This popular ensemble is for students who love pop and rock music and is taught by a rock specialist conservatory teacher. Numbers may be restricted due to popularity and bands will be determined by the Head of Performing Arts, Alistair Hamilton, based on experience. There is a strict attendance policy and students who miss three sessions (for any reason) will give up their place in the ensemble to another student.

Science Bowl

Science bowl; taught by our very own faculty member Ms. Ryan, is a competition sponsored by the US Department of Energy. Students will compete in a regional event in teams of five, with a maximum of two teams per school. Each round involves questions covering topics in biology, physics, chemistry, astronomy, Earth science, and math. We will meet weekly to learn the content covered in each area, practice questions under competition-like conditions, and prepare a team to participate in the regional competition.

Swim Lessons at Our Pool

The Dwight School Athletic Center offers swim lessons for children and adults at our world-class facility (located at 2116 First Avenue) on weekdays after 3 pm and every Saturday, from 9 am-12 pm. Taught by certified and experienced swim professionals, our lessons offer something for everyone — at every level. Please contact Aquatics Director, Chiarna Morton, at cmorton@dwight.edu to schedule lessons. Click here for more information.


The Yearbook staff plans, designs, and implements the production of the entire School yearbook. They learn and apply the skills of graphic designers, advertisers, sales agents, and publishers. Students can register for one or both days.


Agata Medic
After-school Programs Manager 
(212) 724-6360 x 266