Little Lions


The Little Lions Club House Extended Day is a literacy-based program created for our half-day preschoolers (3 years old and up) interested in exploring arts, movement, and games. Students eat their home-packed lunches as a group, have a quiet rest time, enjoy storytelling and dramatic play activities, and play in our gym. Little Lions Club House is a wonderful way to enrich the classroom experience!

This extended day program is available on a trimester basis (Fall, Winter, and Spring terms) to students (3 years old and up) enrolled in morning preschool 2s/3s classes. The program includes three options: Monday-Friday (5 days), Monday, Wednesday, Friday (3 days), and Tuesday, Thursday (2 days), from 12-2:30 pm. 

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Lori Taylor 
Riverside Campus Programs Coordinator
(212) 362-2350 Ext 768

Shalini Trehan
Jr. Passport Coordinator