Upper School

Upper School students have a wide range of after-school programs and club choices, from Mock Trial and digital photography to yearbook and feminist club. All are designed to spark minds, bodies, and imaginations.



Session length: We have fall, winter, and spring sessions

Cost: Club participation is included in tuition, program costs vary

Time: Clubs run 3‒4 pm and programs run from 3-4:30 pm, unless otherwise stated

Location: Dwight’s Main Campus or the Dwight School Athletic Center

Activities and clubs for grades 9-12


Please note that while this guide reflects the current and/or upcoming season's offerings, programs are subject to change. Families are encouraged to inquire with our After-school Team via after-school@dwight.edu about any specific clubs or activities of interest.


Agata Medic, Director of After-school Grades 1-12 & Summer Camp