Upper School

Upper School students have a wide range of after-school programs and club choices, from Model UN and digital photography to yearbook and feminist club. All are designed to spark minds, bodies, and imaginations.

Session length: Varies by activity, see program brochure

Cost: Club participation is included in tuition; see program brochure for program fees

Time: Clubs run from 3‒4 pm, and programs run from 3-4:30 pm, unless otherwise stated

Location: Dwight’s Main Campus or the Dwight School Athletic Center

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Sample Activities

Advanced Master Theater

The Advanced Master Theater Program is for students who have shown drive and who we feel possess the maturity needed to commit to a more in-depth theater learning experience. The program, which mirrors those at the college level but is designed specifically for high school students, provides participants with direct contact with artists working on Broadway and Off-Broadway stages. It also affords those who may not plan on pursuing theater in college or as a career with an opportunity to build public speaking skills and the ability to think and act creatively on the spot. The program’s most unique and exciting feature is the working relationships we have with the Manhattan Theater Club and the Atlantic Theater. The Advanced Master Theater Program is individualized for every student. We personally mentor each one and provide guidance to help students pursue their spark of genius in theater or music on and off campus, connecting them to resources and additional programs that can nurture their further development and success. Location for this program will be held at Dwight Commons and or further information please contact program Director, Terry Christgau, at tchristgau@dwight.edu.

A-List Test Prep

At Dwight, we’re committed to providing students with the finest counseling and resources to help guide them through every step of the college admissions process. As students are required to take standardized tests for college admissions, we have partnered with A-List, a highly regarded test preparation and college admissions organization, to offer students in grades 9–12 supplemental standardized test preparation assistance designed to boost confidence and standardized testing performance. With a proven record of success, A-List focuses on the individual needs of students and matches each one with an educator based on his/her learning styles and motivation. Please email Director of Extra-curricular Activities, Fiona Imboden, at fimboden@dwight.edu, for more information about group courses or private tutoring with A-List.

Art Spark

Art Spark Club will provide opportunities beyond the classroom to students from grades 1-12 who are passionate about art.

The club will expose students to the New York art scene, with museum and gallery field trips and visits to artists’ studios. New York artist professionals in the textiles, fine, and media arts will share their processes, critique student work, and discuss best practices of the visual arts industry. Students of all ages will collaborate and discuss their ideas in a warm, collegial, and creative atmosphere. For our first ever-pilot program we will focus on 2D artworks. The year will culminate in the students putting on an ART Show in a New York City art gallery (TBD). The Art Spark Club will meet every Tuesday from 3-4:30 pm at the North Campus art room.

Students will be selected through a BLIND AUDITION.

How to apply:

  1. Email artspark@dwight.edu with your name, age, and grade.
  2. Please attach two images (only) of an art piece as a jpg or pdf file
  3. Submit written response to the following:
  • “My vision for the Art Spark Club is...”
  • “Why do I express myself through art?”

Chamber Music - Winds

This ensemble is for experienced wind players and will be taught by specialist wind conservatory faculty. Students will learn ensemble skills and technique, and will be taught a wide range of repertoire. Students will also perform and collaborate with the Carnegie Hall Choir and Chamber Strings ensembles. Students in the Chamber Winds ensemble need to commit to Thursdays and Fridays. Placement in each ensemble will be determined by the Head of Performing Arts, Alistair Hamilton, based on experience. There is a strict attendance policy and students who miss three sessions (for any reason) will give up their place in the ensemble to another student.


Premier Chess owner, Evan Rabin ‘08, offers folders to each child with ongoing work sheets, and a demo board lecture following one-on-one instruction. Students will have fun playing against one another as their chess moves are supervised by our coaches. Students are drilled in recording their moves and using a chess clock, and are prepared for competition geared toward city, state, and national championships.

Dance Club

Expression is something that is very important. Dance is a way many people today will communicate through movement and music. The goal is to have a student-run club, that allows dance and people interested in exploring the art to create pieces. These pieces will then have the opportunity to be performed and explored by those in the club. No need to be a dance prodigy, just the will to be creative and willing to explore is needed. This club is most choreography, less about technique. The goal will then be to find times and places for performances to show the pieces created.

Dwight Conservatory

The Dwight Conservatory provides students in grades 1-12 with an opportunity to take individual music lessons and ensemble instruction after school. The program offers a breadth of musical styles led by a committed team of creative and highly experienced professional musicians and teachers.

Lessons are reasonably priced and conveniently located on campus. We currently offer instrumental instruction in piano, voice, violin, viola, cello, double bass, percussion, flute, clarinet, saxophone, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, as well as music theory and composition. For questions regarding the Dwight Conservatory Program, please contact Director of Music, Alistair Hamilton, at ahamilton@dwight.edu.

Fashion Statement

Calling all Dwight Fashionistas! In Fashion Statement, students will learn to design and create new fashion and prepare them for the runway. Ms. Hamilton will start by teaching students to use a sewing machine, and then move on to carrying out key skills needed to complete successful designs. Each student will get to design and create their own pieces.

Feminist Club

The Dwight Feminist Club seeks to educate the Dwight community about women's rights by focusing on current events concerning inequality. Weekly meetings will begin with a specific topic. Diverse opinions will be encouraged, as we educate ourselves through videos, lectures, and presentations.


After-school kickboxing is a non-competitive, personalized activity that is designed to improve fitness and give students a sound basis for martial arts training. It is also an excellent way for candidates in grades 11 and 12 to earn CAS credit! This activity involves training in flexibility, strength, power, and technique.

Math Team

Our Math Team, one of the most competitive teams in New York City, is open to all Upper School students who are interested in exercising their brains to work challenging math problems. Your skills will be put to the test when you sit for competitive math contests!

Mock Trials

Learn to be a lawyer or a witness in the American trial system in this year-long intensive after-school academic program that is open to all Upper School students. The team competes in the New York State Bar Association Mock Trial Tournament and is coached by Mr. Wiesenfeld, the Head of the English Department and a former prosecutor who has conducted numerous jury trials throughout his career. Last year, in its first year, the team earned a Top 20 ranking out of almost 100 schools in New York City. This coming year, we aim to achieve even higher.

The team will focus on all aspects of skill development with respect to public speaking and trial advocacy, including: 1. lessons and activities on oral and written persuasion; 2. the foundational elements of American trial law, such as the rules of evidence and burdens of proof; and 3. all components of a jury trial, for both student-attorneys and student-witnesses: pre-trial motions, opening statements, direct examinations, cross examinations, objections, rebuttals, and closing arguments.

Race Matters

Dwight’s Race Matters Club serves as a resource for students with shared interests, issues, and a common bond or background. It is open to all students who want to explore their own racial identity and how it factors into the larger societal context of race. The group will plan and organize events/discussions that help educate and celebrate diversity within our community.

Red Cross

The Red Cross Club is an extension of the New York Red Cross, which aims to help your community prepare for and respond to disasters large and small (from devastating hurricanes to the loss of lives in house fires that could have been prevented by installation of smoke alarms). The club raises awareness of things teenagers can do to promote disaster preparedness and serve the Red Cross mission to prevent suffering. Students will choose from a wide variety of suggested service projects, such as assisting at blood drives, learning CPR, installing Red Cross provided smoke alarms in apartments that don't have them, or collecting items for families who are left homeless after a fire or flood. Students will earn community service credits for their participation.

Rock Band

This popular ensemble is for students who love pop and rock music and is taught by a rock specialist conservatory teacher. Numbers may be restricted due to popularity and bands will be determined by the Head of Performing Arts, Alistair Hamilton, based on experience. There is a strict attendance policy and students who miss three sessions (for any reason) will give up their place in the ensemble to another student.

Science Bowl

Science bowl; taught by our very own faculty member Ms. Harnett, is a competition sponsored by the US Department of Energy. Students will compete in a regional event in teams of five, with a maximum of two teams per school. Each round involves questions covering topics in biology, physics, chemistry, astronomy, Earth science, and math. We will meet weekly to learn the content covered in each area, practice questions under competition-like conditions, and prepare a team to participate in the regional competition.

Studio Time

This is an intensive program that includes monitored studio time, as well as visits to galleries, museums, and artist studios. The goal will be to develop not only an understanding of contemporary art practices and historical traditions in art, but also to provide opportunities beyond the classroom. Workshops presented by working artists, curators, designers, and visual arts industry professionals will bring relevance to the curriculum and deepen students’ education in visual arts. Student’s will be mentored in documenting processes, preparation of portfolio, and application to competitions and internships citywide.

Swim Lessons

The Dwight School Athletic Center offers swim lessons for children and adults at our world-class facility (located at 2116 First Avenue) on weekdays after 3 pm and every Saturday, from 9 am-12 pm. Taught by certified and experienced swim professionals, our lessons offer something for everyone — at every level. Please contact Aquatics Director, Chiarna Morton, at cmorton@dwight.edu to schedule lessons. Click here for more information.


Serving as a Dwight tutor is an opportunity to make a difference by helping your peers and younger students to study more efficiently, while earning SA or CAS credit. Many of today’s best teachers began as student tutors!


WISER (the Women's Institute for Secondary Education and Research) is a non-profit NGO, which opened the first girls’ boarding school in Muhuru Bay, Kenya, to provide girls with the opportunity to overcome life obstacles through education. Dwight works with WISER through its Partner Program to build global relationships, create an international exchange of ideas, and assist in providing scholarships for girls. Members of Dwight's WISER group will work on continuing and building relationships with the girls and teachers in Muhuru Bay, as well as further promoting WISER within our Dwight community.


The Yearbook staff plans, designs, and implements the production of the entire School yearbook. They learn and apply the skills of graphic designers, advertisers, sales agents, and publishers. Students can register for one or both days.

Agata Medic
After-school Programs Manager
(212) 724-6360 x 266