Welcome to Dwight's Chinese Vlog Competition!

We invite you to watch the student-created vlogs below and vote for your favorites in the corresponding surveys by February 8. 


Grade 8

Sebastian Harland '26

My name is Sebastian Harland. I'm an eighth grade student at Dwight School. I'm living with my mom, my dad, my little brother and my cat, Puck. Aside from school I enjoy having fun with my friends and playing hockey. An average day for me is waking up going to school then playing hockey and then doing homework and going to sleep. I live in New York City so we tend to get snow about every other year. When I do get snow, that's a good opportunity to go sledding with a couple of my friends.

Ella Knox  '26

Hi! My name is Ella Knox and I go to the Dwight School in NYC. I am 13 years old and I have been learning Chinese for four years now. I am in eighth grade this year and I love math, music, and English class. I live with my older brother, Jamie and my parents. Any time of the year New York City is beautiful, especially when it snows! Besides from school I love to swim, draw, read, play the guitar, and the piano. Today I would love to take you on a tour of one of my favorite places in the world, Central Park!

Naila Broening-Chai '26

Hi! My name is Naila Broening-Chai and I’m in 8th grade living with my little brother Jonas and my parents in New York City. I have lived here for about a year and a half now and I am a student at Dwight School. The reason why I started learning Mandarin is because my grandparents from my mom's side communicate with me that way. Before moving to New York I lived in Canada and before that in Germany. Because I am a competitive swimmer, I will be showing you a week in my life of preparing for a swimming competition. From showing you my swimming practices, dryland and hanging out with my friends, I will also show you how I prepare outside of the pool for the meet, such as spending time with my brother, Jonas and my family.

Joshua Portnoy '26

My name is Joshua Portnoy and I am an eighth grader living with my little sister, my little brother, my parents and my cute dog Benji. We live in the city that never sleeps and I go to Dwight School. A day in the life of me includes walking to school with my little brother, school, swimming, piano practice, and an evening tradition of watching sitcoms before bed with my parents. I really enjoy swimming but I also enjoy making music, playing other sports like surfing, and listening to music. In New York City, you never know what's gonna be thrown at you.

Hunter Newman '26


“2021, Chinese and Me” K-12 Student Vlog Competition Co-Sponsored by Columbia University National Resource Center and Hunter College Chinese Flagship Center. My name is Hunter Newman. I am an eight grader attending Dwight School who enjoys all things nature and music. I’ve been playing piano from the early age of 4, and I picked up guitar at the later age of 10. Additionally, I enjoy school. My favorite subjects include math, english, and music. I like music in school because there is a lot of freedom in creating music. I also enjoy cooking. I enjoy cooking on the grill with my dad over the summer, he also enjoys cooking. I have made Chinese food before and have certainly eaten a lot of it. I was happy to hear I had the opportunity to cook more Chinese food when I thought of the idea to make dumplings. Here is a guided video on how to make dumplings.


Grades 9 & 10

Vianna Wong '25

My name is Vi, or 安薇. I will be showing you the steps I take to create my pieces of art for those who want to understand the process a little better. I have been doing digital art for 4 years now and I have learned a lot since I started. Since my family is Chinese, I have been working hard to learn the language so that I can communicate with my family. I look forward to learning more, in both Chinese and drawing.

Lulu Deyer '25 & Lara Oosthuizen '25

Lulu and I both live in New York City. New York City is a city of diverse cultures and dishes, especially for Chinese cuisine. Lulu and I decided to try some of New York Cities best Chinese restaurants, except we challenged ourselves by ordering their spiciest dishes (and we have a very low spice tolerance!).

Jamie Knox '25

In this video, I go through my daily life in New York, from when I wake up to when I go to sleep. Throughout it, I include small snippets of my daily life along with Chinese descriptions of the events. I hope you enjoy!!!

Dexter MacManus '25

Dexter has had major assignments all week, and while being productive in other subjects, he procrastinates on one. Leaving his mandarin assignment to the last day. Little did he know that this was a very long project, and with his mandarin grades at risk, that he might not be able to make it in time for the deadline.

Michael Dymant '25

This video is a day in a life of a freshman in high school living in New York CIty. The video describes how I get ready for school and go through classes and extra-curricular activities. In addition with displaying everything I do in my personal life after school.

Matt Hymes '24

This is a truthful documentary about the dangers of lizard people. Lizard people are extremely hostile, and today we will be dangerously stalking one until it gives us answers about its lizard friends. This is the best documentary ever created, ever. And intern will gander us millions of dollars as an organization.

Ava Zucker '25 & Isa Zucker '25

Today cooking show host Ava and celebrity chef Isa we will be cooking three recipes. They will be cooking Chinese food for the firs time. The three recipes they will follow are for: fried rice, mushroom congee, and egg and tomato stir fry.

Jay Huennekens '24 & Sophia Lebeau Toung '24

Come explore zoo animals with us at the Central Park Zoo! Learn about peacocks, red pandas, sea lions, goats, and more in Mandarin! (Also please vote for us)

Elise Sass '25

I’m a high schooler in NYC. I live in here with my mom, dad, and cat. I live in the city of dreams. This video simply is about a day in my evening life aside from school classes. My night routine includes, being driven home from school, homework, listening to music, and the rest is for you to find out! When I am not in school, I try to relax as much as I can. I make my life a balance as well as trying to maintain mental stability. However, high schoolers know that this is almost impossible considering the work load and extracurricular activities. You know what they say, NYC is the city that never sleeps! This video is the night routine of a teenage New Yorker.