"Art is a reminder of who we are in space and time.
Art inhabits every corner of our existence and flames the Spark of Genius within each of us."Stephen Spahn, Chancellor




A message from the Chancellor

Infinity Gallery was inspired by the works of artist Sharon Horvath, a master teacher who makes available the microscopic and cosmic dimensions of humankind's infinite ocean of possibilities. A James Joycean pictorial vocabulary permeates images, not to be merely hung on a wall but to be a cultural altarpiece or chapel tapestry meant to elevate, elucidate, and carry the viewer from the weightiness of daily life into another realm.  

Master artists are magical wizards, guides who are careful not to talk about the illuminated truths in their works. Their works have a voice of their own and how it speaks to an observer. It is our privilege to have our opening Infinity Gallery exhibition of Sharon Horvath's Time Bridges: Earth to Heaven, Heaven to Earth. All proceeds from the sale of works of art will go to support artist, teacher, and student scholarships.

Stephen Spahn
Infinity Gallery

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Meet the Artist

Sharon Horvath

Sharon Horvath, Professor, Purchase College, SUNY, is an Academician of the National Academy of Design, has been a Fulbright Fellow to India, a Fellow of the American Academy in Rome and received a Guggenheim fellowship award.

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Visual Arts at Dwight

From Dubai to New York: A Very Special Origami Exhibit by Teodore V. ’27 Takes Flight

When Teodore V., a sixth grade student at Dwight School Dubai, shared his passion for origami with Chancellor Stephen Spahn, an idea was sparked: the Chancellor invited Teo to create an origami mobile to take its pride of place in the stairwell of our Main Campus in New York. The new mobile would be installed where one had hung previously for many years and was well-loved as an iconic element of our School.