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Image Sizes

When uploading new images to your website, we recommend preparing them to the following pixel sizes to achieve the best balance of visual quality and loading speed.

All images uploaded to Composer’s Resources Manager are automatically optimized when displayed on the page. With this in mind, we recommend following these size dimensions and saving photos as JPEGs, there is normally no requirement to save out the images at a lower quality setting.

Tips for Using Photos on the site:

  • Select images carefully for the space where they will be used.
  • Place the focal point of the image toward the center so that important information does not get cut off when the browser window is resized.
Home page Images Width (pixels) Height (Pixels)
Hero Slideshow 1600px 884px
Image Buttons 800px 1055px
Dwight Facts & Figures 1600px 940px
Latest News 800px 501px
Featured Event 800px 894px
Meeting of Minds 1600px 854px
Interior Hero Slideshow 1600px 884px
Landing Page
Image Buttons - 2 column 800px 522px
Image Buttons - 3 column 800px 1052px
Image Buttons - 4 column 800px 1201px
Full width image panel 1600px 679px
Custom Slideshows 1200px 802px