Delivering a World-class IB Education

The IB offers academic rigor, fosters personal exploration, and provides students with the “gold standard” in college preparation.

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Six Schools, One Global Philosophy

Dwight students learn to thrive anywhere in the world through travel and exchange programs, cross-campus collaborations, and global conferences.

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Innovation Is in Our DNA

Dwight prepares students for the jobs of the future, nurturing innovation and entrepreneurship within and beyond the classroom.

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Language Learning Begins Early

Students start learning Mandarin and Spanish in preschool, and may choose to study from over a dozen languages.
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Igniting the Spark of Genius in Every Child

We nurture the talents and interests of every student and customize the educational journey based on those personal passions.

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Igniting the spark of genius in every child since 1872

What's your spark?

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Eighth Graders Chat with Broadway Star Gbenga Akinnagbe

“The book, To Kill a Mockingbird, is so famous, do you feel any pressure performing the play?” … “What kind of relationship do the actors have with the crew?” …  “Racism is an issue that continues today, how do you tell a story about this important issue set in the 1930s and make it relevant in 2019?”

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